Learn spinal articulation. Jillian uses a single strand of pearls to demonstrate the concept.

Passing the Torch: intensive instruction for Certified Pilates Instructors

Demonstration of the difference between breathing into the Belly vs the Chest.

Jillian Hessel teaches a Magic Circle Standing Workout that will give you the elegance of a dancer.

Jillian Hessel Pilates

Jillian Hessel has been teaching Pilates for 34 years. She is a “Hybrid of the Masters,” who names Kathy Grant, Carola Trier and Ron Fletcher as her Pilates mentors. Known for her concise verbal instruction and crystal clear imagery, Jillian is the author of "Pilates Basics," and she is featured in many Gaiam DVD’s, as well as her own line of DVD’s & Handbooks for Pilates teachers. She mentors Certified Pilates Teachers through Balanced Body’s “Passing the Torch” program, & you can take her online classes on Pilates Anytime.
She can be found on the web at:
http: www.jillianhessel.com/
Her e-mail is: studio@jillianhessel.com

Jillian offers a 11/2-hour introductory session to new students. This allows time for a fitness interview, injury history and assessment, goal setting, and posture analysis. This one-on-one contact is vital in order for Jillian to create an individualized workout program. Continuing sessions are usually one hour long, two to three times per week. Credit Cards, Cash, or Checks accepted; Special Courtesy Rate offered to Certified Pilates Teachers Mentoring with Jillian. Please Note: Cash or checks only are accepted for Mentoring Sessions. To schedule a training session with Jillian, call 310-246-0082, or you can email us. In addition, Jillian accepts housecall appointments with select clients in the greater Los Angeles area.
Item Name Price
Introductory Session (90 min.) $165
Single Session (60 min.) $110
10 Sessions (60 min. @ $95) $1050
20 Sessions (60 min. @ $90) $2000
CPT/Mentoring (60 min) $95
CPT/Mentoring 10 Sessions $900

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